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Ringneck Award

Name/s:   Joanna and Don Hoefert


How many years have you been involved in Softball?     We have been involved in Softball in one way or another for 26 years. 


Explain your involvement in Softball (coach/umpire/volunteer/player/sponsor, etc):  We started out as assistant coaches for our daughter Alyxa’s softball team, then transitioned into coaching her teams.  When she started high school Don volunteered to be one of the coaches for Washington High School Softball.  Joanna assisted with the team keeping everything moving and organized.  We became part of Sioux Falls People For Youth around 2002 With Don starting first and Joanna shortly after.  Then we became members of the State Softball board.  We have retired from Sioux Falls People For Youth, Joanna has retired also from the State Board while Don has remained on the board.  We have both attend some of the Softball conventions to help bring national tournaments to Sioux Falls. 


Your best memory of the Ringneck Tournament Our best memory of Ringneck was when Alyxa was in the tournament pitching the game with fireworks going off behind her.  It was beautiful and such a special memory to combine a family memory along with our love for softball.


Other organizations involved with: 

Your advice to players/coaches:   Learn to win and lose gracefully and enjoy yourself and each other throughout your journey.