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Sioux Falls Covid Rules

By City of Sioux Falls, 06/15/20, 12:00PM HST


Ringneck 2020 Rules - Covid

The City has approved our rule changes as they relate to their guidelines supplied by them. 

  • All team players (A parent or guardian must sign if under 18) and team personnel must sign Covid releases for the City of Sioux Falls, Sioux falls People for Youth, and USA softball (2 forms) prior to check-in.
  • The Ringneck has always charged a gate fee for the games and this year we will not.  This year, all teams wishing to participate in the Tournament will be assessed a $200.00 fee to cover gates, payable at check-in.
  • The City will not allow us to use the Scoreboards this year.
  • All games will be 1:15 minute drop dead.
  • All games will be open substitution
  • There will be no scorecards.  Scorekeepers will exchange lineups prior to game. Home team book will be official. 
  • Courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher will be the last out.
  • One minute between innings.  If defense is late, they will be assessed a ball every 30 seconds.  If it is the offense that is late, they be assessed a strike every 30 seconds
  • Batter must keep one foot in the box at all times while batting.
  • No physical celebration before, during, or after the game. (High fives, throwing the ball around, etc.)
  • Coin flip at home plate 5 minutes before game.  One coach - no players.
  • Team and fans shall exit the fields immediately after the game
  • Coaches are responsible for their fans in regards to social distancing.  Violations could result in a forfeit or expulsion from the tournament.  It is suggested masks to be worn by those in attendance if possible.
  • Dugouts must be cleared at the conclusion of the game and no garbage left behind.
  • Teams must report score at the end of the game.  This will be covered at check-in.
  • Bleachers will not be allowed for seating at this time. Outfield and along the line fence will be available.  Bring your own chairs.
  • No warmups in area between temp fence and permanent fence.  Warmup areas are available at Dunham, Frank Olson, Kenny Anderson, or McCart Fields.  Limited space in the Northeast field near the northeast parking lot.
  • Social distancing in the dugout, excess coaches and players will be seated adjacent to the dugout in the designated area.
  • Field maintenance will be minimal this year.
  • Souvenir shirts will be available online only.
  • Water fountains will be off, no team coolers, limited concessions will be available, and you may bring your own drink.
  • No opening ceremonies this year. Games are scheduled to begin on Friday at 4:00 PM.  All teams will play one game on Friday.
  • Softball(s) will be discussed at check-in.
  • No nuts with shells or gum may be consumed at the park.
  • All other Ringneck or USA softball rules are in affect.